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Starting in February, 2021,   I started

making videos' where I just tell stories

while applying my makeup.  The stories

are all what's being made up is

my face.  I share stories of my childhood

as my family traveled all over the world

playing music.  Some stories are current

and had actually happened the day of

taping.  In total, there are 45 videos, and

several hundreds of stories within that collection.  I absolutely loved every minute of making these stories.  In fact, I plan on adding to the series in the future...if and when a story pops in my mind that has to be told in the MAKEUP STORIES format.

Below, you will find a library of video's along with descriptions.  Click on a story and share it with a friend.   Laugh with me, cry with me, sing and even pray with me!  Do your makeup or simply watch me do mine.  Love it or hate it...just know I was willing to unmask and keep it 100% real! 

Thanks for watching,

xoxo, me