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My Arbonne Story

Rita Davenport/Peter Mork/Cindy Larson

I was introduced to Arbonne products in 1996. A family friend,

Sharon Metzgar had recently signed up to be a consultant, but

she was working a JOB as a nail technician at a salon. My mom

went to get her nails done and Sharon talked about Arbonne

the whole time!  She asked mom if she could come over to her

house after work later that week to practice doing her product

demon.  My mom said “yes” and that is what happened.  Mom,

lived two houses away from me so you would think that I would

be happy to join them.  Well, if that is what you thought you

would be wrong.  I felt like it was a trap and Sharon would want

to get me into that Arbonne thing too.  I was too smart for that! 

I had been a counter manager and Makeup artist for Chanel

for several years by then, and I had been using the best

products for FREE!  Well, actually, by then I had gotten burned

out with sales and had taken a job as a jewelry merchandiser

for 1928 Jewelry.  I had a territory of 10 malls and was the

highest paid merchandiser for 1928, in the southeast.  I loved

pearls almost as I loved lipstick, so making display cases look

amazing…well I was good at that too.  By the time Sharon brought Arbonne over to me mom’s house, I had been flat on my back on maternity leave.  I had stores calling me every day about their problems and missed shipments.  I was actually about to quite that job when Sharon came knocking.  Looking back, I can not believe I didn’t even show up at mom’ house that night.  Sharon had to come after a full day doing nails, so it was already after 8pm.  I had a pain or something, so I didn’t go.  Mom and my sister Susie loved everything Sharon showed them and mom bought a bunch of products.  She even bought me a full set even though I was a no-show.                                                                                                                  

I would soon get a knock on my door from Sharon to deliver my products.  I was nicer this time and at least allowed her to tell me about everything.  I assumed my mother bought them because of Sharon being an old family.  She could have told my mom to smash green peas on her face and chip them off the next morning, my mom would have said "that's a great idea! thanks I'll do it!'  Little did I know, I would fall in love with the feel and results I got almost immediately. 


Over the next few days, I continued to be impressed with the products, but I couldn't stop thinking about the hope I saw in my friend's eyes.  She had never seemed to sure of herself and I wanted to be in on THAT!


I ended up getting an ID number, but a it still took me a long time to decide I was wanted to do more.  

Arbonne offered a FREE vacation a few months after I signed up and that really got me excited.  On that cruise I met the founder of Arbonne, Peter Mork and president Rita Davenport.  Others like Michael Anderson, Donna Johnson, Cecelia Stole and many others who became to income earning earning rock stars and still consider friends to this day.  As for Sharon, she is at the top in Arbonne too. 


Arbonne is one of the best decisions I almost didn't make!  I love every product and feel a real connection to the roots and foundational core of the company.  I like to say, "MY MOUTH IS MY OFFICE< WHEN IT'S OPEN I'M IN BUSINESS"!  Thanks Arbonne for helping me earn an income by using the best products my money could buy.  Check out the amazing catalogue for yourself! If a friend has already offered to show you, contact them today.  If you need my help, I'll be glad to introduce you.
Independent Consultant #10052439

For further assistance, please contact me!  I will be happy to assist you with your questions or ordering process.

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