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Family Matters

My favorite people call me MOM.  I have carried 6 children in my body, gave birth to 3 and have raised many more.  Over my lifetime and out of all the amazing places I've seen and the crazy things I've been able to do... being a MOM tops them all. Mark and I had been married for five years by the time we had Rachel, but I can not remember much of it.  For the most part, my memories start with her.  There were two miscarriages before her birth and one between her and Daniel.  So I have bonus babies in heaven.  


On this page, I am sharing several MAKEUP

STORIES videos where I talk about my amazing

kids.  They are grown now, and will someday

have children of their own.  While I look forward

to being a grandmother, I am so happy to share a

few of the ups and downs from my life as MOM. 

Here is where I will post updates on Rachel,

Daniel and Andrew.  They are my joy and I am so

proud of them.  All the amazing nephews and

nieces, extra boys and extended family circle updates will be here too! I hope you enjoy the video's and check in often for the ever growing and evolving LARSON FAMILY...and all that MATTERS!

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