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My favorite airplane story from today.

Flight attendant announced over the intercom, that it would be a totally full flight. As I’m scooting to the center seat in anticipation of the inevitable, a big ole boy passes and takes a seat behind us. Soon, a cute little young couple also chose his row and here’s where my ears perked up!

I got the impression that “Big Boy” was a real character you know? Talked too loud, plenty of tattoos and wearing his navy blue work shirt from a heat and air repair service. His carry on luggage was worn out gym bag and a huge brown sack that would soon make perfect since!

I got so interested in him, I really wanted to just turn around, kneeling in my seat like a little kid, rest my chin on the headrest and stare. I was a about to witness a good show back there! Resisting that urge to look, relying on my vivid imagination , I wasn’t disappointed with the conversation to come.

He soon asked this young couple if they wanted a cheeseburger? They politely declined. As if auditioning for the reality tv show “Ridiculousness”, he insisted . Cheeseburger? Again, they both said, maybe later. Not really hungry right now.

He then explained, “Well, like a dumb butt, I consumed some “edibles” ( pot- gummy bears) before getting on the plane, then went down to the airport food court and spent $79 at Burger King “. He said “ I ate so much I’m feeling sick, so there’s just a lot left over!”

I spent the next 3 hours smelling his cheese burgers with double-onions. Unreal!

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