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A follow-up on yesterday’s lengthy post regarding my personal challenge to sow the seeds of losses (worth the read). I woke up this morning with fresh revelation .

We are influenced by what surround us. A Whisper in the ear, pictures for the eyes, even the attraction of familiar spirits. Healthy or not, persuasion is everywhere!

So, the challenge continues: I am to trust God to direct and minister to those who will be watering, fertilizing and unflinching the very environment of my future harvest!

Think about that! Letting go and sowing the seed isn’t the end, it is the beginning. The Bible says “ some sow, some water and some reap”. If I bless what brings me pain or is not blessing me in return... it’s ok! My job is still my job! Love, bless and love some more!

Now, I’m excited ! I get it! Starting today, I bless and love the next caregivers and the entire garden! I feel peace and joy as I write this. Thanks for following my process!

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