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While catching up with an old friend yesterday, I said something that must have caught her off guard. Her face lit up and she said "well, all of a sudden I like you better than I ever did before". Thinking back to the statement that preceded that response, it occurred to me that I've actually made this statement several times lately and every time I say it I'm happy I did. I've always known I felt this way but only recently actually verbalized it. Do you care to know what it is? If you've continued reading to this point, I'm assuming you do. So, here it is. "I don't care about money". There, I said it! Don't judge me...but money doesn't motivate me. I'm amazed at how many people it does. Me, I could care less. Now, having said that, let me point out the irony. I make a living helping people make money. I am not naive to the fact that money is a necessity and ranks right up there with oxygen. A relatively small amount of money can change a life. I understand all that, and over the years I've been able to change a lot of lives. I'm a giver. I teach, train and coach. I live my life! I'm super blessed and thankful that I'm able to make, and help so many others make...MONEY! However, I could care less about it. (money, that is!). I care about people! The fact that I can spend time with interesting people and call it work...well, that's almost not work at all. If you thought you knew me, and thought my motivation was financial gain... You need to know me better. Some of my dearest friends don't use the products i use, eat the same foods, listen to the same music or go to the same church. We don’t share the same political views. Occasionally , our differences will even foster a healthy debate about biblical ideology. I'd love to earn their business, convert them,“sell” them or win the court case! BUT... I hope my passion is never and I do mean never, be mistaken as greed.

Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me get that off my mind!

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