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Back from a weekend work trip where my son Andrew crisscrossed the country escorting two inmates by plane, to new prisons to serve more time in new states. As usual, he had crazy stories... then he shared this one.

Still pondering it this morning, I asked him to share a pic of his arm, and a few details of this flight. Here is what he wrote.

Had an elderly lady sit next to me on this flight and half way through I glance over and see her sobbing. I take my headphones out and ask if she’s ok and she tells me that a week ago her husband of 60 years passed away. She said she had never flown without him and today was her birthday and every year her husband would give her a dozen roses. So when she looked down and saw all the roses on my arms she felt so emotional and felt like her husband was looking over her. We just sat there the rest of the flight laughing about all these memories of her and her husband traveling and she gave me some great love advise and it was really special. I was glad I was able to give her some peace and comfort even for just that short plane ride.

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