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I’m not the typical woman who hates her body and feels self-conscious about being overweight. I am “fat and happy” as my grandpa Cotton would say! But wait!

As I tip-toe to my desk to type out my thoughts, I am extra quiet to not wake up anyone else in my house. My husband and two sons are still sound asleep, but I feel the need to write. Initially, It was all about my hands. They have been going numb lately (probably 2 years) and I often wake-up feeling needle like pain running up my arms. That might be a pinched nerve in my back but I can almost promise it is aggravated by the extra weight I carry around.

Now, before I go any further…I need to warn you about this high horse I am about to climb up on! This is a sore subject for me and not for the reasons you might imagine. You see, I do not hate myself! In fact, I love myself! Oh, I am self-aware. I know I am bigger than I need to be and definitely bigger than I have been in the past. With that said, I do not beat myself up over it! I think it is funny to hear people say they have “unexplained” weight gain. Me, I can explain every pound! I have never “accidently” eaten anything in my life! I like to cook, and I like to eat! I will try new foods and often ask my server at a restaurant to choose a dish off the menu…surprise me! I will say, “what does this kitchen prepare better than any other?”

I am not really a “snacker” necessarily, and I do not hide food. I just consume more calories than my metabolism burns! That is probably too simplified …but plain and simple suits me right now! I am not planning on becoming a professional health trainer or anything, and I don’t really care that much about weight-loss if I am honest. I have other motivating goals. I could care less about the size of clothes I wear or how much I weigh. I just need to feel lighter on my feet.

That brings me to my knees! They talk back to me every now and then and I am pretty sure my heart works too hard! Other than that, I think I am in really good health! NO meds of any kind and I feel amazing most of the time. However, I am not getting any younger. April 11, I will celebrate 58 years. The women in my family live to be really old “Bitties”, so it is time for me to make some decisions. How fast do I want to walk, how fast do I want to stand up from a sitting position, and how fast do I want to navigate stairs? How out of breath do I want to be when I get to the top of those stairs and how picky do I want to be when choosing a seat? My answer, I want to sit in smaller chairs!

Less than eight months from now, my husband Mark, are going to the Europe. This trip has been planned for a long time and was moved beck twice due to the world-wide Covid pandemic. We will be returning to our favorite places and visiting a few new ones. European transportation teds to be smaller and more congested. As I think ahead, I want to WALK down the cobblestone streets and up the winding stairs of Italy without being exhausted all the time! Since I am in no shape for physical fitness, I need to do something about that pretty soon.

For these reasons, I will be asking a couple of my closest friends to hold me accountable! Cindee Frenn and Sonja Williams! This will be news to the both of you, but thanks in advance! You are two of my greatest supporters in all things LIFE …and I love you!

I leave this post with the overarching message that I do not hate myself for any reason. I think I m cute enough and I do not judge myself or anyone else for size or weigh. I think women with curves are just as gorgeous as women who are thin. I probably won’t do side-by-side pics to show my process…because I don’t care about that! Thin can be unhealthy too and the “body shame” message that many of us feel from weight-loss programs is hurtful in my opinion.

If anyone wants to follow my process or do it with me, privet message me. I will be using good, common since (move-more/eat-less) methods and healthy foods. Personally, I will supplement some meals with and Arbonne shakes nutrition products! Feel free to do YOU with your favorite things, but the point is to make better choices!

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